Thank You for your kindness.

Fundraising Ideas

We welcome your initiatives to help raise funds for our outreaches. Below is a list of ideas to help get your creative juices flowing. Please contact us if you are interested in partnering with us.


  • Donation as a baby shower gift

    To celebrate the pending arrival of your baby, invite your friends to make a financial donation or to give a maternity/baby present to our Crisis Pregnancy Centres as your baby shower gift. You will help ‘shower’ a blessing to a low income or refugee pregnant women.

  • Bake & Craft Sale

    Hold a stall at church and ask your friends to bake their favourite cookies or to make a beautiful craft for sale. Donate the proceeds to one of our outreaches. Turn your creativity into a fundraiser drive.

  • Turn rental payment into a donation

    Do you own a place for rent? Ask your tenants to make a donation to our Burnaby Safe House in lieu of paying rent. Such a unique gift will help shelter abused women and vulnerable pregnant women.

  • In Memoriam Gifts — remember a life by blessing a life

    Giving a gift in memory of a loved one is a moving tribute to recognize someone dear to you. Your very act of remembrance will also bless many lives seeking hope and help at our centres everyday.

  • In Honour Gifts

    In lieu of sending presents to your loved ones on their birthday, wedding, anniversary, graduation or other celebration, consider making a donation in honour of them. Extend your joy to those in need and in distress.

  • Share the vision, make a difference

    Passionate about joining us to help women in crisis? Eager to share our vision to others? Create a personal GivingPage at to inspire your friends and families to give to the Christian Advocacy Society.

  • Operation Baby Bottle

    Operation Baby Bottle is an annual fundraiser supporting the ministries of our two Crisis Pregnancy Centres. Invite your home church or parish to participate and become our OBB church rep or contact.

  • Missions Budget

    Some community churches and parishes kindly donate to our charity. Request your church board or pastoral team to consider our unique, compassionate work as a church-supported urban mission.

In 30 years of ministry, we have assisted over 20,000 women in distress. Will you partner with us to continue this unique urban mission?