Autumn 2021
Welcome to our Fall 2021 Virtual Event. Once again, we bring to you messages from staff, charity updates, and best of all…Stories of Changed Lives! 

For your viewing pleasure we have added Dessert Dash!!

If you read our recent newsletter you will know that we offered to bring dessert to you and a few family members or friends who gather to watch these videos together on October 29th. The dessert will be a scrumptious cheesecake from TREES or a delicious mango chocolate cake from Chez Christophe.

Please RSVP by October 27 to email Isabel Sowerby at to arrange dessert delivery.


For those who missed the recent newsletter, please
click on the newsletter to the right to read the good news and exciting developments.

To best enjoy the videos, whether with friends or not, do treat yourself to a warm drink and treat.
(For one or two of you, a Kleenex nearby may be a good idea.)

Our autumn event is our most significant fundraiser. In light of this, several donors have graciously pooled their dollars to create for us an autumn matching gift campaign of $25,000. All new financial gifts given from October 22 – November 12 for any of our outreaches – will be doubled!!!

If you are able to consider a donation, we will be most grateful. Let’s Match $25,000 together!!!

To watch the full event in one sitting will take about 20 minutes.

Directors Message
Greetings from CPC Burnaby
Olivia’s Story
Why a Maternity Home in Vancouver?
Greetings from CPC Vancouver
Megan and Peter’s Story
Heather’s Story
Merle Is Retiring
Thank you for watching. We hope that you have been inspired by the stories, and will continue to find practical and compassionate ways to support those facing an unplanned pregnancy, grief after abortion, domestic abuse and sexual assault.

Once again, if you would like to help us match the $25,000, please click here.  We appreciate your support.