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Crisis Pregnancy Centre Targeted

Vancouver, BC. August 2, 2018 — On Monday July 30, a Crisis Pregnancy Centre in Vancouver was vandalized, incurring thousands of dollars of damage. Vandals pitched blood-like red paint on all our windows, doors, signage, and the sidewalk entrance. Offensive language was also scribbled in red paint.

The Vancouver Police Department is viewing this specific targeting of our charity as a “hate crime”.

Over the years, our 100% non-political charity has been subject to harassment, but usually not of such a physically violent nature.

We are heartened by kind, supportive words of encouragement from our neighbouring community. On Monday, passersby wanted to help clean up. On Tuesday, a graffiti removal company power-washed our exterior – at no charge, as the company also views the vandalism as a hate crime. We are very grateful for the genuine friendship and practical assistance.

Love is the foundation and the heart of our charity, and we stand against hate in all its forms. The Crisis Pregnancy Centre of Vancouver will continue to faithfully serve all our clients even in face of this harassment.

For further information, please contact Kelsey Short or Brian Norton at vancouver@optionscentre.ca.

Who We Are
The Crisis Pregnancy Centre of Vancouver is a community outreach for women and men facing an unintended pregnancy. We offer pregnancy tests, non-judgemental peer counselling, information on pregnancy, pregnancy options, informed consent, and post abortion grief recovery. We also offer prenatal instruction, parenting support, donated maternity and baby clothes, and friendship.

Our Governance
We are governed by the Christian Advocacy Society of Greater Vancouver, a faith-based charity providing care and resources for women experiencing unintended pregnancies, post abortion grief, domestic abuse, and sexual assault. In our 29 years of outreach, we have helped some 19,000 women. All our services are provided free of charge — a gift from the church community to those in crisis.