The Gift Of Home

Why a Maternity Home in Vancouver?

Women facing an unexpected pregnancy need a place to call home.

One of our pregnant clients from CPC Vancouver shared her story of how she was sleeping on a friend’s bedroom floor. This was a place where she was paying only a $100 per month, and a room not suitable for two women and a baby. Hear in her words what it meant to have a room during her pregnancy at our Burnaby Safe House.

Rebecca’s Story 

My girl and I were taken care of while we stayed in the house, accommodations, food, counselor…everything that normal house family should have. I had all the food I needed and could make my own meals. I had a nice private space and common area. I felt very comfortable and warm.

When I was around 7 months of pregnant, a doula came and taught how to prepare for the baby coming. After I gave birth, I had postpartum, and I didn’t know how to stop my baby girl from crying so much. The caregiver and house mother helped me.

My girl was the very first newborn I ever held.

On holidays like Christmas or New Year’s we had a party, big meal and open gifts together in the house. That made me feel like family and special. Sometimes the caregiver would even watch my baby for a short time if I had to run an errand or attend class.

I feel my daughter has been loved by everyone who took care of us. I graduated from college while I was staying at the house. My daughter crawled and learned how to walk around the house like this was her place. I had a roof on top of my head and comfy bed to sleep in for me and my daughter.

I felt safe. I felt at home. I had space for me and my girl.

In our fall newsletter, we included an article called A Place Called Home. If you haven’t read it please do. It provides more details on the need for a home.

The Mission

We are actively seeking a house in East Vancouver. This home will be purchased by a supporting foundation. It is our hope to provide a safe place for pregnant women, who are single, leaving an abusive situation or in unstable housing.

The house we are seeking would provide home for four expectant mothers. Whatever stage of pregnancy the woman enters at she would stay minimally 6 -12 months past birth depending on her circumstances. A six-bedroom house would be ideal.

Our projected annual costs for this new ministry is $65,000.

We anticipate furnishing the following rooms:

  • 4 bedrooms for mom and baby – single or double bed, crib, rocking chair, change table, bassinette
  • One furnished bedroom for a caregiver
  • One suite with appliances for a house mother
  • One office
  • One living room space
  • One dining area
  • One kitchen

We would like the bedrooms to have new furnishings. Used “like new” furniture in common areas would be acceptable.

In January we will be sharing detailed room costs here on this page. Some of you may wish to sponsor a room. If you choose to sponsor a room we will assign a name to the room that recognizes you! Please contact Norma Cody at if you’d like to discuss sponsoring a room.

It’s all very exciting. Providing a home for some of the single, abused and, vulnerable pregnant women in Vancouver, in proximity of our centre, is a wonderful dream that may just come true.

Would you like to help us prepare a room this Christmas?

Any general donations towards the home received in 2021 will be used for furnishings and renovations. If donations exceed the need, then the funds will be held for annual costs. When you donate online, please select Vancouver Home or for cheques note Vancouver Home on the memo line.

Thank you for helping to prepare a home for vulnerable pregnant women. Blessings on your Holidays!